Frequently Asked Questions

Below is some of the questions that we frequently get asked.

01. How long does it take to design a website?

Every project is different but assuming that there are no delays from your side of things a typical 5 page website will take around 3/4 days to be completed and a ecommerce website will take around a week to 2 weeks.

02. How does the design process work?

We will ask what requirements you have for the website project and then if we have any questions we will discuss them with you. We will then design 2 different website designs of the homepage and we will then ask for your feedback. We will keep working on this design until you are 100% happy and then once you have approved it the website will be built.

03. What does the design process involve?

In order for us to design a mockup for your website and/or logo we ask you to let us know the answers to the following questions. Please note that we design 3 different designs of the logo.

1) What does your company do, and what is the purpose of your website?
2) What pages would you like on the website? (e.g. Home, About, Services, Contact).
3) List any websites you like. Perhaps from a color, style or layout point of view. Please note that the website does not have to be the same type of business, we are just trying to understand the style that you require.
4) What is the target audience of your company / website?
5) Please tell us if you have an existing logo and color scheme. If not, is there a colour scheme or logo idea that you would like to suggest?

04. How much does a website cost?

The cost of a website completely depends on the number of pages and if have any specific requirements, After that only We can quote an exact cost of the website.

05. Wiil my website be mobile responsive?

Every website, designed & developed by Beechwood Solutions is always mobile-responsive.

06. How can I pay for my project?

We accept bank transfer. When you sign up you will need to pay 50% upfront non-refundable deposit with the balance due when your site goes live. If require hosting, charges start from when the website goes live.

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